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Q:  Will I graduate with the class I started nursing school with?

A: Participating in the MHIRT Program will add one semester to your course of study in nursing. The knowledge and experience you will gain as part of this program is priceless. You will have the chance to experience a culture within a foreign country from a nursing perspective, and particpate in nursing research with an international research faculty mentor!


Q:  Will I be financially responsible for my tuition and/ or any additional fees related to studying abroad for the MHIRT?

A:  The MHIRT Program is a scholarship made possible with funding from the NIH.  Please review the MHIRT application available for download on the home page for further information.  You may contact Dr. Kathy Anderson with any further questions.


Q:  What will I be doing as a nursing research assistant abroad?

A:  Each country has specific ongoing research projects that you will be working on.  Please review the FIU SON MHIRT website for a detailed list of project information.


Q:  Will I have to learn another language?

A:  You are not required to learn another language.  However, we do have resources to assist you in becoming familiar with conversational German, Italian, and Spanish.


Q:  How many students will be assigned to each country?

A: At least 2.


Q:  Where will I live?

A:  You will have the option of choosing to live on or off campus, we can assist you with this once you are selected as a candidate.


Q:  Will I have off time to sightsee/ travel?

A:  Yes. 


Q:  Is the length of the study abroad semester equal to the semester in FIU?

A:  Each country’s semester varies, but the minimum required stay is 10 weeks.


Q:  Are there any pre-requisites for the MHIRT Program?

A:  Yes, in preparation for MHIRT travel , there are 2 additional pre-requisite classes you must take:

For Undergraduate students, the courses are NUR 4905 & NUR 4905 as listed on our MHIRT home page. In addition, completion of NUR 3165, Fundamentals of Nursing Research, with a minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

For Graduate students, the courses are NGR 5935 & NGR 5936 as listed on our MHIRT home page. In addition, completion of HIS 6501, Basic Graduate Research Course, with a minimum 3.0 GPA is required.


Q:  Which semesters are available to study abroad?  Do I have a choice?

A:  Fall, Spring, Summer.  Please contact Dr. Kathy Anderson for more information.


Q:  Will be required to submit a report describing my research?

A:  Please review the MHIRT Application for more information.


Q: What is the goal of the MHIRT Program?

A: Minority undergraduate & graduate nursing students and faculty will collaborate with local & international nursing faculty in the goal that intensive research exposure for students will ultimately lead to improved care of chronically ill patients and their families in populations with health disparities as they begin a research career.


Q: I have other questions not listed here. Who can I contact?

A: For any additional questions, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Kathy Anderson, 305-348-7708, email: andersok@fiu.edu
Dr. Marie-Louise Friedemann 305-348-7719, email: friedemm@fiu.edu


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